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Pool Information

2018 Pool Hours

Open for the season Memorial Day Weekend (May 26, 27, 28) from 11 am – 7pm each day.


Open weekends through June 16th (11 am to 7 pm)

Open daily from 11 am to 7 pm each day beginning Monday, June 18th through August 26th

Pool Closed:   Monday, August 27th through Thursday, August 30th.

Re-Open for final weekend of the season:  August 31 – September 3rd (Labor Day Weekend) – 11 am to 7 pm.

Pool Rules 2018

The Clubhouse

While the pool is open, the Clubhouse (but not the kitchen area) is available to adults and families visiting the pool. The doors to the Clubhouse are kept locked, so if you wish to access the Clubhouse, just ask one of the Club Attendants. While you are in the Clubhouse, you are responsible for using it appropriately, and ensuring that others use it appropriately as well. When you leave, please clean up and then let the Club Attendant know you are done so that the doors may be locked again.

At no time will anyone under the age of 18 be permitted in the Clubhouse without their parent or guardian present for the duration.

The Spray Park

To reduce water and chlorine loss, the spray park is operated only upon request. If you would like to use the spray park and it is not currently turned on, please ask one of the Club Attendants and they will turn it on for you.

Water Quality

The BML pools and spray park are regulated by the PA Department of Health, which issues permits for their operation. For BML to be allowed to operate facilities like these, stringent health and safety requirements must be followed.

The two pools and the spray park each have their own filtration ‘system’. Water from one pool (or the spray park) is not mixed with water from another. This means that if there is a water quality issue in one system, the others are not affected and can remain open.

A computerized system continually tests and adjusts the chlorine levels for each pool / spray park. It is able to compensate for temperature, the amount of sunlight, and number of swimmers, all of which can affect chlorine levels. To ensure accuracy the pool staff manually tests the water in each system 3 times each day. Then once each week a certified independent laboratory tests the water quality and reports their results to both BML and to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

If any of these tests find an issue with water quality, the affected system is temporarily closed and the water is treated (usually, shocking with chlorine or other chemical). That system will remain closed until subsequent tests verify that the water quality has returned to healthy levels.

BML engages a professional pool management company that provides professional advice in the operation of the pools, including the proper application of chemicals used to treat the water and keep the pool clean.

Through these measures, BML takes great efforts to maintain the water quality to conform to the PA Department of Health requirements.

But we need your help as well.

Good chlorine levels do not guarantee complete safety. Chlorine is less effective against parasites than against bacteria. Across the U.S., parasites were responsible for approximately 20-times more cases of pool-related health issues than bacteria. Outbreaks can occur even in facilities that are well-maintained.

So for the health and safety of all users, all swimmers should practice good hygiene. Any person (including pool staff) who has experienced diarrhea within the past 24 hours is not permitted to enter the pool or spray park. Any person who appears to have an infectious disease, open wound, or other health hazards will be asked to leave the pool area.

By looking out for one another, we can all enjoy a healthy and safe summer at the pool.

The Pool Rules are posted in several locations.  Please read these rules so that everyone can enjoy the pool and spray park!