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New Website for Residents

A new website for BML residents is coming along nicely. The website is If you did not receive your password for the new site via email, please contact the Operations Office.

The purpose of the web site is to improve communications within the community and allow owners like you to quickly and easily access your personal information, as well as the happenings in your community.  The website that you are familiar with already, will remain in full force.  This site is simply a conduit for members of the Blue Mountain Lake Club to view private information and receive important information through mass e-mailings to anyone who has registered their email address with the community.

The site has both public and private (resident-only) areas. To access the resident-only portions, you must log in to the site using the user name and login provided to you in this message.  If you have not received your user name and login, please complete the login request form to request one.

Below are some of the community web site’s features. Only those features with an asterisk (*) in front of them are available to non-residents on the public portion of the web site.

User Profile: Your user profile contains all of the information about your online identity, as well as any information about yourself that you are willing to share with other owners in the community. Any information entered here will display in the address book for other logged in owners to look up, as long as you unlock the information that you wish to share.  Your login name, password, and security level is specific to you and is not accessible to anyone other than yourself.

Changing your login name: You may change any of your personal information on the website, including your login name and password by logging in and clicking User Profile.

Account Info: This is the most private part of our website, for your eyes-only! Clicking this link will display the data the management company has on record for you regarding the following items—last payment amount, last payment date, check number, last update date, work order history, architectural requests, and CC&R violations history.

What’s New: This page will display any additions that have been made to the website within a specified time period.

Address Book: a searchable database of all community homeowners as well as board members and other authorized personnel.  Again, your contact information can be released for viewing by others by unlocking those areas that you wish to share.  By default, your contact information is locked and accessible only by you.

Announcements: here you can find the latest community announcements. If you have an announcement to make, please complete the web content submission form.

Boards/Committees: This is a complete listing of all Boards and Committees within the community. It can include times and dates of meetings, in addition to names of individual members and their function. (ie Joe Smith – Board President).  This area is still being populated and at this time includes only your Board of Directors.

Documents: Community Documents are displayed in this area.  To date we have loaded the governing documents of the community and the minutes.  We will continue to load all community forms and additional information, such as newsletters, that will allow you to access with ease at any time.

Email Bulletins: You can sign up to receive regular emails about various community related subjects. This feature will push out information from the web site to you, instead of the you having to always visit the site and look for updates.

Events Calendar: This displays a monthly view of all events. By drilling down on a particular date, all events for that date will be displayed. By clicking on the event, a more detailed description is available. If you have an event to add, please complete the web content submission form.

Facilities: Information about your community facilities, including a pictures and rules.

Requests & Questions: Here you can post a message or question to specific people right from the web site, such as board members or the community manager.

Volunteer Needs: If you need one or more volunteers for a community event/activity/committee/etc., these needs can be posted here. If you wish to place a volunteer request, please complete the web content submission form.

Surveys: Look here for occasional surveys on community centric topics. Each homeowner can vote one time on each survey. Summarized results are available for all to see (not individual vote information)