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Winter 2019 – Snow Removal

The primary goal of plowing is to remove snow from streets so that the road is open to vehicular traffic.  Plowing pushes snow to the side from the middle of the street naturally, which results in snow piling in front of driveways.  Snowplows typically push snow to the right of the travel lane and the driver has no control over this.  Also, the driver cannot stop or raise the plow at each driveway.

Snow plow operators do not place snow in driveways on purpose.  There is just no practical way for the snow plow operator to cut off the snow windrow (the pile of snow at the end of your driveway that is left after snow plows clear the road) when crossing a driveway.  This problem is especially important in cul-de-sacs due to lack of available space to put the plowed snow.

Residents are advised to wait until the plow has been through their road prior to cleaning their driveway.  Please keep in mind, if drifting or more snow occurs the plows may have to make multiple passes on a road later to keep the road clear.

There is zero tolerance for poor behavior, so please keep in mind, if you become aggressive or act in a threatening manner towards any member of management or any staff member of the snow removal contractor you will receive a citation up to and including the Stroud Area Regional Police being contacted.

Please do not shovel, plow or snow blow snow back into the road, this is not permitted.

The best advice is to stay off the roadways, if possible, during a storm event and do not leave cars, garbage totes or any other item in the plows path.  Following these simple tips will make this winter season not just safer but a little easier for all.

Roadside Parking during and after a winter weather/storm event:

Every winter season, we see several individuals who park on the roadside.  Please remember that parking on roadsides during and after a snow event is not permitted and your vehicle will be at risk to be towed.  If your vehicle is towed, you will be responsible for the cost of towing and storage.  If any car is parked in the bulb of a cul-de-sac, that cul-de-sac may not be plowed until the vehicle has been moved or towed.

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